April 3, 2019

10 Creative Ways to Use Night Club Signage to Influence Sales

Consumers see as many as 5,000 advertising messages every day. So, how well do your marketing efforts stand up to the average nightclub patron?

To cut through all the clutter, you've got to make sure your promotional tactics make a big impression.

Digital screens can work in your favor to make it harder for your ads to get screened by consumers. This is because night club signage is an effective, eye-catching, and innovative way to enhance your brand. So how can you use this creative marketing tool to stay ahead of the competition?

Read on for 10 unique ways to use digital signage to influence sales.

How Digital Night Club Signage Helps Boost Sales

Digital signs are a way to send creative messages to your target audience, both inside and out of the club. They can get used to attract patrons, engage with them, and boost bar sales.

Here are 10 creative and effective ways to use digital signage in your nightclub.

1. Create Visual and Buzzworthy Promotions

Digital signage for clubs is ideal for creating a buzz and captivating patrons. Use them outside your nightclub to communicate marketing messages. This will spark interest and help attract people into your club.

Draw in a crowd with digital promotions for drink specials and live entertainment. On slower nights, you can also advertise happy hour promotions or last minute deals. This will help boost attendance and spur sales.  

Digital signs can also increase brand recognition for your nightclub. Use their innovative lighting techniques to match the mood of your club.

You can also highlight current cross-promotions with other brands. Use these marketing partnerships to reach new target audiences. This can be a partnership with a famous local band, celebrity, or a brand of liquor.

Be sure to pay special attention to the size, placement, and brightness of your digital signs. Make it something unique that patrons can't ignore.

Repetition and the Rule of 7

Repeating your promotions or messages is an effective marketing tool. Have you heard of the rule of 7? It means that someone needs to see a message 7 times to push them towards making a decision.

Take this rule into consideration when you are pushing your best digital promotions. You also get to showcase your club's other marketing tools in a repetitive manner. Like logos, slogans, and social media handles.  

2. Provide Entertainment for Those Waiting in Line

Nothing draws a crowd like a line around the block. So, take full advantage of having the attention of all those patrons. Use digital signage to give them some entertainment while they are waiting in line.

Do this by using signs to promote future events at your club. Show teasers for upcoming events or ladies night specials.

Be sure rotate promotions to hold on to people's interest. Fresh and unique content will help fight boredom while waiting in line.

You can also post wait times and club capacity information. This alerts patrons how much longer they will likely need to wait in line.

3. Develop Eye-Catching Menu Boards

Once you've got them in the door, use digital bar signage to promote nightly drink specials. Install a few screens to display different menu options around the bar. This will help to boost drink sales.

You can also push shots specials and rotating craft beer lists. Or VIP package pricing and information.

Digital menus are a stylish alternative to printed bar menus. These get dirty easy or end up missing halfway through the night.

Consider using interactive menu screens to allow patrons to place orders. You can even install interactive menus on the surface of your VIP tables. This is an excellent way to gain a competitive edge over the competition, especially in urban areas with a high number of nightclubs.

This keeps it easy for your best loyal customers to order drinks. Without having to catch the eye of a busy bartender or cocktail waitress.  

Digital signs offer customized menu content that appeals to your customers. It also makes it easy to keep content fresh and updated. Here are some tips on choosing the best digital screens for your nightclub menus.

4. Got Club Swag? Sell it with Signage

Menu board displays can also get used to promote your own club gear. Selling club swag is a great way to boost sales and advertise your business outside of the club. Put your name on hats, shirts, shot glasses, and other fun products.  

Digital image and video promote these products much better than still prints. You can also rotate products and gear to include big images of your whole collection.

It's also a great idea to throw in your website and more information on where to buy club swag. This encourages people to check out your website and boosts online traffic. Setting up an e-commerce site will also push more sales for your swag.

5. Send a Savvy Social Media Push

88% of your target demographic is already on social media. With 18 to 29-year-olds considering social media to be their lifeline.

Digital signage is appealing to these younger demographics. Especially when it includes social media ties.

Digital signage for bars helps your brand stay connected on social media. You can use it to increase digital brand awareness and gain new followers.

Pull live feeds from Instagram or Twitter to engage with your patrons each night. You can re-gram their pictures in real-time to create a social media buzz.

You can also promote your own social media channel and branded hashtags. This will encourage patrons to engage with your channels, helping you go viral. Follow this guide for how to display Instagram on the big screen.

6. Entertain with Easy to Control Video Grids

Have a large-sized or multi-level club? You may want to consider installing a few signs with video grid capabilities. With video signage, it makes it easy for all nightclub guests to see live entertainment.

This also allows you to play live music videos to go along with a DJ's set list. Further enhancing the mood and energy of your club. Or you can set different scenes or themes on the screens, to create a new atmosphere in your club.  

Video allows patrons to sit back and relax in a more private seating area, yet still get to see all the action. Floors offering different entertainment can also all get captured on the same screen. Giving you total control over what to put on TV at all times.

7. Bring the Inside Excitement, Outdoors

Bar digital signage and video can also show a glimpse of excitement to outsiders. Capture the party inside then play the live feed to those waiting in line outside. This creates excitement and can also attract more patrons.

It also grabs attention from people walking by your club. They may be heading to a different club or bar down the street. Then they stop and see your video, which can sway their decision.  

8. Get People Pumped About Upcoming Drinking Holidays

It pays to think ahead, as a way to lock in future sales for your bar or club. The day before the Thanksgiving holiday is the biggest drinking day of the year. Where bars and clubs can rack up over 167% of their usual daily sales.

Use signage to showcase what you have planned for these upcoming drinking days. Create buzz by showing video footage from previous years. Or running unique upcoming specials.  

Push St. Paddy's Day by promoting green beer, live Irish dancing, and Jameson shot specials. For New Year's Eve, you can run promotions for Champagne specials, live streaming of the ball drop, and free shots at midnight.

9. Sell Some Ad Space

You can use your digital signage to make even more money through advertising methods. This is due to clubbers being one of the hardest to reach demographics. You can help other brands tap into this special target audience, and make some money in return.

Look for local companies that are in line with your brand that want to buy some ad space. Then you can let them push their paid content on your screens.

Be sure to do this in a subtle way, as not to annoy patrons. The bathroom area is a great location for digital ads. As you can capture their attention and it won't interfere with the club atmosphere as much.

10. Create Engaging Campaigns and Capture Emails

Bars and nightclubs need to expand their clientele for business to grow. One way to do this is to keep communication flowing.

Consider using digital signage to push a marketing campaign and capture emails from your patrons. Do this with a contest, like offering free bottle service for the winner. Or the winner can receive a $200 bar tab.

This encourages people to sign up with an email address to win the amazing contest prize. You'll capture hundreds of emails that you can use for future marketing campaigns.

You can also invite patrons to leave you digital feedback and suggestions. This is another way of capturing emails and increasing communication efforts. Here are more ways to increase engagement with customers.

Innovative Night Club Marketing: Taking Your Brand to the Next Level

We live in a world filled with countless ads and marketing messages getting thrown at us all hours of the day. Consumers desire a digital lifestyle and want to engage with brands that can relate.

If you're looking for a unique easy way to boost brand recognition and increase sales, digital signage is your answer. This innovative technology makes it easy for any business to adapt to. So, it's time to learn more about how night club signage can enhance and expand your business.