October 2, 2023

4 New Tactics for Screen Control and a Game-Changing Way to Highlight What's Important

We've placed creativity at the forefront, completely transforming how you manage and control your screens. Our enhanced flexibility gives you the power not only to precisely schedule when your content appears but also to effortlessly add content to existing playlists on any screen, eliminating the hassle of navigating and finding the playlist.

Adding a cherry on top, we've also introduced the ability for Google Sheets to let you highlight the most crucial data, ensuring your messages are impactful and directly relevant. This leap forward in customization and flexibility is designed to captivate your audience in innovative and engaging ways never seen before.

Upgraded features to 'Push to Screens'

  • Temporarily Screen Takeover - This new feature allows users to push content to screens, temporarily taking over the screen(s) for a period of time, and then reverting to playing what was assigned to them before or stopping play altogether.
  • Content Expiry for Scheduling Go-Live - Users can now schedule both the start date and time, as well as the end date and time for their content. Furthermore, users have the option to pre-determine the action that will occur upon expiration, whether it involves replaying the last content or stopping playback entirely.
  • Append Content to Playlist - Has your screen already been linked to a playlist? In cases where a playlist has already been assigned to a specific screen, and you wish to introduce new content to the current playlist, you'll have the option to either incorporate the new asset into the existing playlist or to replace the playlist entirely by assigning the asset to the screen.

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Schedule content to your screens

You can now schedule your assigned content to go live or expire at specific dates and times in 'Edit Screens' on the Screens management page.

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Customize View Region in Google Sheets

Personalize your Google Sheets view with our new 'Customize View Region' feature. Select screenshot regions by inputting your start and end cells.

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