February 3, 2019

8 Eye-catching Digital Signage Examples from Companies Doing It Right

Did you know that the digital signage market continues to flourish as the years go by?

That's right, traditional signs are on life support. The reason why the market grew is due to the surge in demand for something new and interactive.

After all, there are a lot of benefits of choosing digital signage over print. It can help you update your content as you please and attract more customers.

Digital signage done right will give the most benefit to your business. But how do you know if your signage is any good? The best way to learn is by seeing good digital signage examples.

Are you ready to see some great signage? Read on and find out more.

1. Time Warner Cable's Digital-Heavy Flagship Store

The new Flagship Experience Store by Time Warner Cable is a great place for digital signages. This place in New York City includes a giant video wall that can amaze even the skeptics. It has a set of interactive product demos as well as a digital fireplace.

The store also has some 21" tablets that help with internet browsing and product learning. It boasts five-screen video walls complemented by small signage tablets. If you have any questions, the sales associates can help you with these signage.

No matter what your query is, the digital signage can help you. It can give information whether it's product features or service deals. It's a great example of digital signage that serve different purposes at the same time.

2. Ice Cream Labs

This establishment received attention due to their nitrogen ice creams. It became the next big thing in the ice cream industry for the next five years.

As the years went by, the business expanded. But they faced fierce competition with other companies that offer the same product. Ice Cream Labs stayed ahead of their competition by using social media.

They combined it with digital signage. They use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to cultivate organic engagements with their customers. Their call-to-action signage allow customers to share their experiences.

Customer posts can tag Ice Cream Labs on their social media profiles. This helps get their experiences shared in the company's digital signage display. The company then replies to these posts and builds a more loyal audience.

3. American Junkie

This business is one of the most popular sports bars in California and Arizona. Their digital signage is a great example of what to do. It applies best when sharing information with your customers.

If you have a similar business, it makes sense to cover your wall surfaces with screens. They have a set of screens that show sports shows to patrons. But in easy-to-see locations, they have signage dedicated to sharing important information such as:

Special Events Business deals

If you're in the same vein of business, it's one of the best ways to advertise. It's an effective way for your customers to know when to come back. They'll appreciate it when they know about the deals you offer and return for more.

4. Mount Ommaney Shopping Center

Another great use of digital signage is to entertain shoppers and their children. The mall's location is in Brisbane, Australia. They brought animated characters to life using their screens.

They used small LED screens, webcams, video, and animation. This helped build their augmented reality system. Their funny digital signage feature offers a child-friendly, light-hearted experience to the young ones.

They can challenge pirates to duels along with other virtual experiences. They can swim with fishes or fight off beasts on-screen.

The mall officials then share these experiences using their social media platforms. If you offer similar experiences, you might want to add this to your business. Remember, social media is a powerful force since around 2.2 billion people use Facebook every month.

Factor in other social media networks like YouTube and YouTube, your reach increases. Posting interesting content like this will drive more engagements to your company. Don't underestimate the power of social media for your business needs.

5. Emporium Thai

This Westwood, California business draws its customers even from far-off places. Some of these customers come from places hours away from UCLA. They go here to test their resistance against their 10 levels of spicy.

But with their location, how do they manage to attract customers from other locations? The simple answer is that its owner has heavy engagement rates. That means they communicate a lot with the Los Angeles community.

That helps them establish his business for a wider audience. They make good use of their digital signage featuring a live Twitter and Instagram feeds.

This allows them to feature important posts about their business. They also post whenever an important celebrity comes by. That makes it easier for them to market their business and make them an authority.

They also use their digital signage to inform their customers about their offers. Even small promos like free delivery or catering discounts make good use of these signage. If you want a template for your business, you can use this as a good model.

6. La Taqueria

When it comes to customer decisions, Yelp is one of the most powerful driving factors. After all, around 72% of consumers trust online reviews. That means they trust these reviews like personal recommendations.

La Taqueria capitalized on this fact and used Yelp to get a 4-star average rating with about 2,000 reviews. They used digital signage to feature good reviews next to their menu screens. That made customers more motivated since they have the chance to get featured on the big screens.

This also helped influence the reviewers' peers to choose La Taqueria. The degree of influence it gives is more than the average Yelp review. That meant a large increase in the business's social media activity and made them gain renown.

7. I Love Sweetea

Do you want to gain the attention of your customers? You can try taking cues from this Los Angeles business. This boba shop captivated their audience. After all, they give special attention to their customer.

They use their beautiful digital signage screens to feature their customers. Sweetea posts their customers' pictures. They get the pictures from their Instagram account and use custom graphics as well. It allows them to show how their customers enjoy their time.

Aside from featuring customers, they put discounts and special offers on their digital signage. That means customers are more likely to come back. After all, getting featured does make people feel important and appreciated.

8. Remedy RX

This company is one of the most rapidly-growing pharmaceutical networks in Canada. Their recent progress involved adopting a digital signage solution they use throughout their company. They use the system to display information such as:

SchedulesVaccinationsHome Delivery ServicesOther health information

They display it to the customers that visit each of their pharmacy outlets. Remedy RX uses digital signage applications for their service. They manage the content, so all its end-users only need to update their information on a regular basis.

Using this digital signage system doesn't need that much effort. But the payoff is great even if you aren't in the medical industry. You can adjust these to accommodate other customer information.

How to Maximize Digital Signage

Most of the digital signage examples shown above use social media. It's especially important since using signage can bring your customer testimonials to life. You can also use it to show off your product information and the latest news you post on your platforms.

Digital signage helps fuse your online and offline presence. It helps you stay consistent and build the credibility you need to drive your customers to your business. It makes it easier for them to find you once more if they leave.

Using your digital signage to improve your social media standing helps improve your authority. It makes your loyal customers become more invested in the community you made. Most of all, setting it up is simple and easy to learn.

There are a lot of apps out there that let you pull up your social media feeds into your signage displays. You can use different apps to help display different social media platforms. Depending on your digital expertise, you might need to ask help to get it right.

Learn the Right Digital Signage Examples Today!

When it comes to using digital signage to make your business better, you need to improvise. There are a lot of good digital signage examples out there that caters to your specific business. You can always do some research and see what works best for you.

But if you want somewhere to start, use this list to help guide you. Each of these has unique features that most normal businesses won't use. If you want to become innovative, digital signage is a good platform.

Do you need digital signage for your business? You can contact us today and we'll help you get started. We'd love to hear from you.