February 8, 2023

Create a menu board for your digital signage screen with MustHaveMenus

You can use MustHaveMenus to generate great-looking menu boards for your digital signage screens. MustHaveMenus is an affordable and easy-to-use platform that allows restaurants to choose the perfect template from over 20,000 designer templates for every restaurant's needs. With MustHaveMenus you can easily customize your menu board by adding your menu items, changing fonts and styles, creating links, and more.

Once you got your menu board design, thanks to our newly released integration, you can push it seamlessly to your digital signs through OptiSigns.

You only need:

1. A digital menu board design created on MustHaveMenus

First, you need to choose a new digital menu board template on MustHaveMenus or open a digital menu board you have already created.

Once you finished the design you can share it with OptiSigns you have to  click Share in the upper right corner of the software. Choose the OptiSigns option and sign in to your existing OptiSigns account. If you are already signed in you can choose the copy option after you clicked on OptiSigns. This will copy a link to your clipboard.

2. An OptiSigns account

From your OptiSigns account you need to have your screens set up and paired. Then you can assign a screen for your MustHaveMenus menu board. Navigate to the Files/Assets tab, then click on Apps and search for MustHaveMenus then select it.

Then fill in the info as needed. You can also change the update interval to how often you need OptiSigns to check for menu updates from MustHaveMenus.

Once you have all the pages added to your files you can create a playlist to customize slide transitions, display time per slide, and more, and assign it to your display. Finally, assign your playlist to the screen or screens you want to have your digital menu board displayed.

Remember that if you need to make a change or update your menu board  you can do it directly on your MustHaveMenus design and choose the publish changes option. Your display will automatically show your changes on OptiSigns after a moment.

Displaying beautifully crafted digital menu boards is this easy with OptiSigns + MustHaveMenus.


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