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January 30, 2023

Digital Menu Boards are transforming the Restaurant Industry

Digital signs are all around us, even in places we might not expect. They are in retail stores, offices, gyms, lobbies, and even in a growing number of restaurants and bars.

What first comes to mind when we think about digital signs in restaurants are the large digital menu boards of quick-service restaurants. And while digital signs might be more prevalent in quick-service and fast-casual restaurants, even fine dining can reap the rewards of eye-catching and easy-to-update displays.

With OptiSigns, our effective and simple solution for digital signage restaurants and bars can find exactly what they need to eliminate and replace their menu boards and paper menus with digital menu boards.

Advantages of Digital Menu Boards

The main advantage of a digital menu board is that it uncomplicates changing or updating your menu. Instead of spending time and money reformatting and printing, you only need to change your digital menu, and it’s instantly reflected on your menu board. With a digital display, you can quickly and easily change your menu to match the time of day, whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hour, or dinner.

Large screens can help you squeeze more information onto your menu and  you can even include ingredients, mouth-watering descriptions, images, or even great customer reviews. This is harder to do on a printed menu. Large screens also allow you to offer high-quality food photography that looks so tasty they practically sell themselves.

With OptiSigns you can update your screens remotely from anywhere at any time without the need to be on site. This means you can update screens simultaneously in different locations or time zones, from your cellphone or desktop.

How to create your menu board?

If you’ve never created a digital menu, there are two helpful resources we recommend:

1. OptiSigns Menu templates:

You can use our canvas editor and our free menu templates for restaurants to customize them easily with text, images, logos, and more and push them instantly to your screens or schedule for later.

2. MustHaveMenu integrations: You can also use MustHaveMenus to create your menu board for your digital signage screens. MustHaveMenus is an affordable and easy-to-use platform that allows restaurants to choose one of their 20,000 templates that match, not just the identity of their restaurant, but also the theme of the menu, to rapidly generate great-looking menus. This is great for daily specials or seasonal menus. Once restaurant owners have their menu board design, they can push it seamlessly to their digital signs through OptiSigns thanks to our newly released integration. With OptiSigns + MustHaveMenus displaying a beautifully crafted digital menu board, is as easy as it sounds.

We’ve created this guide to walk you through how to use the MustHaveMenus app with OptiSigns.

In summary, digital menu boards provide a far better experience compared to a traditional paper menu or print menu board. With an easy-to-use and edit interface, restaurant owners and employees can include item descriptions, high-resolution images or videos, additional information such as nutrition, and more. Having such detailed information about items presented in a visually appealing manner enables restaurants to create more customer engagement, positive customer experiences and increase sales significantly.

Moreover, designing a digital menu also allows restaurant businesses to take their digital menu online, which can enable online ordering and also helps in tapping into various other customer segments.

To date, OptiSigns has empowered numerous restaurant businesses from all around the world with great overall results, so if you are thinking of incorporating digital signage and digital menu boards in your restaurant, we are ready to help you in any way possible.


Start your 14-day free trial here and join the 6,000+ businesses that trust in us.

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