August 1, 2022

Digital Signage in 4K resolution Smart TVs

A few years ago digital signage embraced Smart TVs with high-definition technology, creating an exceptional user experience for the audience and giving them sharp images and videos, allowing for truly effective digital signage. Fast forward to today, this technology extends beyond the limits of “high definition” all the way to "ultra-high definition": 4K resolution.

What is 4K resolution?

4K is the next upgrade in screen display qualities. In short, a 4K display is ultra HD.

4K resolution basically refers to a Smart TV or screen display resolution in the order of 4,000 pixels. The previous high-definition standard stood at just over 1,000 pixels (1080p), so 4K has four times more pixels! A higher resolution display offers much more clarity and detail and is able to show more detail than ever before.

Is 4K digital signage for my business?

When implementing digital signage for your business, you must choose the type of content you want to create and display on your digital signs. There are different choices in displaying high-quality content such as photos, and videos or sharing different apps, from dashboards to social media.

If you are interested in touchless interactivity for your digital signs, you will definitely see a massive benefit from Smart Tvs with 4K technology because its mesmerizing qualities create significant audience attraction.

Also, it is important to know that for 4K Smart Tvs or screens to perform optimally, they must display content that creators originally produced in 4K.

4K is a great opportunity for large spaces and venues that call for bright colors and engaging visuals. 4K will amplify the viewing experience for retailers who want to make their product details pop. But businesses in the healthcare industry or the ones that need to display a heavy amount of data can share much more information on a 4K Smart TV or screen compared to a regular HD. Also, mapping and wayfinding become visually enhanced in this resolution.

What do I need to start displaying digital signs in 4K?

For starters, if you don’t own it already, you will need to purchase a 4K resolution Smart TV or screen. Amazon Fire TVs are an excellent and affordable option for your business with OptiSigns, as our App is available for different devices including Fire TV.  You can easily install it right from the app store on your Amazon Fire TV, turn it into a Digital Sign with OptiSigns, and manage them from anywhere with our central dashboard or mobile APP.

In case you own a 4K Smart TV without the fire TV system, we recommend the Amazon Fire TV Stick device, to turn your TV into a 4K digital sign in the easiest and most affordable way.

And last but not least, you need to have 4K content as well to take advantage of 4K digital signs. Remember that content will do nothing for your business if the content itself is not relevant and engaging to your customer base. In 4K resolution content is king.

In conclusion, if digital signage in 4K fits your needs and your business has the budget to deploy it, go ahead and do it. 4K content can look absolutely stunning if it is done right with the proper hardware. However, in some digital signage use cases, 1080p content and displays will also work perfectly well.


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