September 7, 2023

Driving Employee Engagement in a Multi-Channel World

The way we communicate has evolved dramatically. While this has undoubtedly brought convenience, it has also introduced a conundrum for HR departments worldwide: how best to engage employees amidst the bombardment of notifications and messages they face daily.

With so many channels available – from emails and online portals to popular communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams – ensuring that your message not only reaches its intended audience, but also captures their attention, is no small feat. Traditional means like bulletin boards in the kitchenette are still valued, but are they still effective? Enter: OptiSigns.

Bridging the Communication Gap with Digital Displays

Imagine walking into an office space and being greeted by vivid digital displays placed strategically throughout the premises. These screens aren’t just for aesthetics or the presentation; they’re dynamic communication channels, serving up relevant information and updates tailored for the workforce.

OptiSigns provides businesses with this very solution. With its capabilities, HR departments can beam content onto these displays, choosing the information they deem most vital for their teams. This means messages aren't confined to online channels alone, but have a physical presence in the workspace, demanding attention. Personalizing the space and making a memorable experience by welcoming guests by name or showing engaging content about your Friday meetup the options are endless.

The beauty of OptiSigns lies in its adaptability. Whether you have a team that’s all in-office, entirely remote, or a hybrid of the two, this digital signage system can bridge the communication gap.

The Power of Visual Engagement: A Real-World Example

To illustrate the potential of OptiSigns, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario: The HR team is buzzing with excitement about the upcoming in-office event featuring margaritas and mocktails on Friday. They could shoot out a message on Slack, but with the deluge of messages every employee gets daily, there's a risk it could get lost in the shuffle or even go unnoticed by those who’ve muted channels.

Instead, while still utilizing Slack, HR can amplify their message by integrating it with OptiSigns. As the Slack message is dispatched, it simultaneously pops up across digital displays in the office, providing a hard-to-miss visual reminder. Employees, both in-person and remote, are kept in the loop by providing the ability to not only run OptiSigns on a physical display in office but also on a virtual link or embeddable page.

Furthermore, these displays aren’t limited to just one message type. Want to promote company values alongside event notifications? OptiSigns allows a split-screen feature where multiple messages can be displayed concurrently. This ensures that essential communications don’t get sidelined.

Creating a Warm Welcome: Celebrating New Hires Visually

Imagine the first-day jitters of stepping into a new office. Now picture this: As a fresh recruit walks in on their first day, they’re pleasantly surprised to see their name and photo flashing across a TV screen, along with other new joiners. It's not just a digital 'Welcome Aboard' – it's a special moment of recognition, making them feel seen and valued right from day one.

Using OptiSigns, HR departments can easily set this up. Before the new employees' arrival, their photos and names can be uploaded and scheduled to display, cycling through each newbie. It’s a thoughtful touch that goes a long way in setting a positive tone.

But the benefits aren’t limited to the newcomers. For current employees, this visual introduction serves as a handy primer on the fresh faces they'll be seeing around the office. It sparks conversation starters and facilitates smoother introductions. "Hey, I saw you on the screen earlier, welcome!" becomes a common, friendly refrain.

It not only ensures effective communication but also fosters a culture where every employee, old or new, feels connected and appreciated.

Welcoming a new employee into the office!

Beyond the Office: Digital Displays Go Online

The versatility of OptiSigns isn’t just confined to brick-and-mortar spaces. Recognizing the need for broader reach, especially in our increasingly remote work culture, OptiSigns offers an online version of their digital display. Employees can access this display from anywhere, ensuring they’re always in the know.

Additionally, for businesses wanting a dual-purpose screen, OptiSigns offers integration with Aericast. When screens aren’t being used for company updates, they can seamlessly transition into wireless presentation tools.

Aericast: Making Sharing and Chatting Easier at Work

Think of Aericast as your office's best buddy when it comes to showing and sharing stuff on screens. It's a super-simple way for anyone in the team to show what's on their computer or tablet without needing a bunch of wires or fumbling around with tech. So, if you've got a cool idea to show, or just want to share a document, with Aericast, it's as easy as clicking a button.

Now, here's the cool part. When you team up Aericast with OptiSigns, it's like having a magic screen. Once you're done presenting or sharing, the screen doesn’t just go blank or show some boring screensaver. Instead, it switches over to show important updates or messages from the company using OptiSigns. So, one moment you might be reviewing the monthly KPIs and the next, you’re reminded of Friday's taco lunch event.

In simple words, with Aericast and OptiSigns, every screen in the office is always doing something helpful. Whether it's making team chats fun and easy or keeping everyone in the loop with the latest news.

In Conclusion

In a world overflowing with communication channels, ensuring your message stands out is crucial. OptiSigns offers a fresh, engaging, and efficient solution to the age-old challenge of employee engagement. With its blend of in-office and online digital displays, it promises to be a game-changer for HR communication strategies, creating an environment where employees feel connected, informed, and valued.