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August 22, 2023

Driving Traffic from the Gas Pump to In-Store: Boosting Hot Food Sales and Revenue

The Gas Pump Traffic Challenge

For any fuel convenience store, the gas pump is both a goldmine and a challenge. While the primary objective is met when customers pull up to refuel their cars, there's a missed opportunity as they often drive away without setting foot inside the convenience store. How can businesses convert this gas pump traffic into in-store sales, especially for hot food items?

Capturing Attention at the Pump

The scenario is all too common: A customer drives in, pumps gas, and heads out without even glancing at the store. With the fast-paced lives we lead, it's no surprise. Yet, what if, in those few minutes by the pump, we could grab their attention and entice them to make additional purchases?

The Evolving Consumer and Industry Landscape

Understanding the Modern Consumer: Today's consumer is often on the move. On average, a person might stop for gas anywhere from four to eight times a month. That's multiple opportunities to lure them in with offers, delicious food visuals, or exclusive in-store deals.

The Evolving Fuel Retail Industry: Gone are the days when gas stations were just about fuel. With the rise of hybrid convenience stores and cafes, they're transforming into mini shopping hubs. It's an evolution driven by changing consumer habits and expectations, and businesses that adapt are the ones that thrive.

In the fuel convenience store industry, a commonly misunderstood notion is that the lion's share of profits stems from the sale of fuel. In reality, while the pumps might be the initial draw for customers, the fuel margins are often razor-thin. The true profitability lies inside the store, in the aisles stocked with snacks, drinks, and other conveniences. Once customers step inside, they're met with an array of products that offer significantly higher profit margins than gasoline. Whether it's a quick coffee grab, a sandwich, or last-minute essentials, these in-store purchases are the lifeblood of profitability for fuel convenience stores. Thus, the industry's success hinges not just on the number of cars it can draw to its pumps, but more crucially, on its ability to entice these customers through its doors for those additional purchases.

Dynamic Signs with Promotions and Loyalty Drivers

Why Dynamic Signs? Static signs are old. With dynamic signs, stores can display ever-changing promotions, new food items, and even time-sensitive deals. A tempting image of a freshly baked pizza slice or a cold beverage special can be the deciding factor for a walk-in.

The Power of QR Codes: Incorporating QR codes into these dynamic signs can unlock another layer of customer engagement. A QR code scan could lead to:

  • Loyalty program sign-ups
  • Coupons for in-store items
  • Exclusive online promotions

Kiosk-Type Displays – Order While You Pump!

Optimizing the Wait Time: Turn the idle minutes spent pumping gas into a quick food ordering session. With kiosk-type displays, customers can:

  • Explore the in-store menu
  • Order hot food items
  • Pick up their freshly made order post refueling

This not only delivers convenience but also amplifies the user experience.

Use Case Scenarios:

  1. Morning Commuter: John, who refuels every other morning, is greeted by a dynamic sign promoting a breakfast combo. Curious, he scans the QR code, redeems a coupon, and grabs breakfast on-the-go.
  2. The Busy Parent: Sarah, post work, is pumping gas when she spots the kiosk display. She orders a pizza and by the time her tank's full, her dinner is ready for collection.
  3. The Road Tripper: Mike, on a long drive, takes a pit-stop. The dynamic sign offers a combo of energy drinks and snacks. Recognizing the deal, Mike heads inside to stock up.

Pump Up the Profits!

Converting gas pump traffic into in-store sales isn't a pipe dream. With the right strategies and tools, fuel convenience stores can effectively grab attention, enhance hot food sales, and notice a tangible uptick in revenue. It's all about tapping into the evolving consumer behavior and industry trends.

Eager to capitalize on your fuel station's potential? Dive into the world of dynamic signs and kiosk-type displays today!

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