March 25, 2024

Explore the Latest: New QR Overlay, Device Data Mapping, & Conditional Tagging Rules

Platform Updates: There's a lot to explore!

QR Overlay App - Introducing our latest addition, the QR Overlay app – now available FREE for all plan on our Engage page! Create your custom QR code that seamlessly overlays content, enabling you to share links, videos, contacts, social media profiles, and much more with ease. Check it out on our Engage page today to explore this innovative tool!

Device Data Mapping - Our Device Data Mapping feature displays key information such as screen names and content directly on screens, simplifying the management of large networks. It makes identifying devices straightforward and eases deployment and troubleshooting. With just three steps, manage your digital displays more efficiently and with greater clarity.

Improved Push to Screen with Conditional Tag Rules - Improved 'Push to Screen' feature, offering 2 primary methods for streamlined content management: 1) direct assignment through Screen Management or 2) a versatile "Push to Screens" button for immediate updates, scheduling, or temporary takeovers. This button also includes sophisticated targeting capabilities, allowing you to select specific screens or groups via screen selection, tags, and conditional tag rules, facilitating the inclusion or exclusion of screens for more precise content delivery.

Explore the Newest and Greatest Feeds

Prebuilt content on Safety, Workplace Productivity, Mental Health, and more, made to make your screens happy!

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