October 21, 2022

Free Halloween Digital Signage Templates

Halloween is just around the corner and displaying Halloween-themed digital signage content could increase sales, help you advertise events, or simply add a touch of spooky to our screens.

We designed free Halloween digital signage templates to make it even easier for you to get great-looking content on screens quickly.

You just need to choose your template, download, edit the messages or content if you need it and put it in OptiSigns to push to your Digital Signs.

You are also welcome to use the template however you'd like.

Here are some ideas of how you can make it your own:

  • Celebrate Halloween with a special offer or sale
  • Advertise seasonal products
  • Promote a special giveaway
  • Simply use the images for a holiday spirit
  • Promote the special event at the office

Download our free Halloween templates here.