January 1, 2024

Happy New Year! Exciting updates for 2024

We were busy. Last year, we delivered:

  • Engage: a whole new suite of apps, features that allow you to build interactive experiences. Notably the ability to design your own Kiosk experiences.
  • Feeds: prebuilt content on Safety, Workplace Productivity, Mental Health, and more, made for your screens.
  • OptiSigns Pro Player: true professional grade player, suitable for 24/7 playback, enterprise security & network ready, 2x1 video wall capable.
    Our OptiSigns Android Stick Player still remains the standard go to for most use cases.
  • AeriCast Add-on: Enable Wireless Presentation for your conference and huddle rooms, plus display signage when the room is not in use. You can even wirelessly use conference room's camera, speakers.
  • OpenAI ChatGPT integration: Helping you write promotions, communication messages easily.
  • Display your Enterprise website, dashboard: We have invested further in Web Scripting & Power BI dashboard to more smoothly integrate with your enterprise security requirement including ability to handle 2FA, Service Principal.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) with Enterprise App, API Gateway, enabling enterprise customers to build integrated digital signage and in-place experiences.

And of course, we're not done yet. Let me give you a sneak peek of what we have in store for our 2024 roadmap and what you can expect:

  • Further improvement to UI/UX of the platform. We want our users to have not only a smooth but also an enjoyable experience using our apps.
  • Workplace: we now know our customers depend on our app to display dashboards, important information to your team and to run your business. Expect more integration to workplace apps, more solutions to bring your workplace content to your screens.
  • Content: we delivered over 1000 more templates last year, expect even more this year, plus more Feeds content too.
  • App Presets: explore working examples of our Apps so you can quickly see how they look and work before adding them.
  • Though video wall feature is working today, there will be a new easier way to deploy & manage them with our app.


Stay tuned!