September 8, 2021

How to use Digital Signs in Fitness Centers to drive member engagement?

Digital signage is the perfect way to drive member engagement in your fitness center. Simply having excellent facilities and the right equipment is no longer enough. To keep people coming back, owners and operators need to use every tool possible to keep members connected and motivated.

Creating customer engagement is a powerful way to leverage a well-crafted customer experience to build relationships, loyalty, and eventually advocacy. OptiSigns offers everything you need to turn your digital signage into a powerful and effective tool to improve your customer experience and build customer engagement.

Digital Signage for Gym and Fitness Center

Digital Signage for Gym and Fitness Center

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is the process of building relationships between your fitness center and your members in a way that goes beyond having them pay their monthly fees and show up to work out. It is an approach based on the customer experience and focused on maximizing each customer interaction. Creating a high level of engagement can change the dynamics of the relationship between members and the fitness center. This can increase overall satisfaction among members, which can get them coming in more often. It can also lead to more frequent sharing of their positive experiences with friends and on social media. The best customer engagement strategies can even create advocacy. This includes the possibility of developing brand ambassadors, those members who spread a positive message about your club in their various social and professional circles.

How Can Digital Signage Help Build Customer Engagement?

Fitness centers need creative ways to approach this that are uniquely suited to digital signage. Other than the possibility of greeting members as they enter and exit the facility, interacting can be difficult. Unless someone is working with a trainer or enrolled in a class, most regulars at your center aren't all that interested in interpersonal interactions. These days, it is hard to find anyone without their earbuds in listening to motivational music or podcasts. That is why a visual medium like digital signage is the perfect solution.

1. Using Digital Signage for Customer Engagement Through Social Media

Social media is a powerful engagement-building tool. However, fitness centers need a way to move social interactions beyond personal screens and into the facilities. With OptiSigns, you can bring social media to life on one or all of your displays. The simplest way to do this is to promote all of your social media channels.

Let members know where to find you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. Also, make them aware of any hashtags you might be using to raise awareness of your facility or programs. Next, take it a step further by letting members see the posts and interactions from your channels. With OptiSign's built-in apps, it is easy to display posts from specific accounts, hashtags, and even walls. You can even share content from both personal and business social accounts. Sharing that content is the best way to get your members to share their own and continue growing your relationship.

2. Sharing Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can be an excellent way to build engagement with members of your fitness center. First of all, seeing positive customer reviews creates a sense of pride in their club. People like to feel good about their decisions, and seeing others' positive responses is one way to help that happen. Second, seeing positive reviews can lead other members to leave their own reviews, creating a sort of engagement loop. You can use OptiSign's built-in apps to automatically show reviews from sites like Google and Yelp. You can also curate your own and display reviews using your own images or the built-in designer.

3. Using Digital Signage for Motivational Quotes and Videos

Building engagement often means looking for opportunities to capture your members' attention. Motivation is one topic that nearly everyone in your club is looking for. It doesn't take much time investment to use your displays to show motivational quotes and videos that will help people push through their workouts. It is a straightforward way to add value to your club membership and improve the overall club experience. OptiSigns built-in designer makes it easy to drop quotes into pre-built templates making quick work out of creating this content. Sharing videos is as easy as uploading them and adding them to a playlist or schedule for one, several, or all of your displays.

4. Fitness and Workout Tips

It is not hard to tell what members of fitness centers are interested in. Instead of just providing equipment and space, you can make your facility more interactive and build engagement. Screens can display general fitness tips or offer help for specific machines or equipment. Since, with OptiSigns, you can assign content to specific screens, you could even customize the content to fit the location of the screen. For instance, a screen near the treadmills could offer tips for the best results from a walk or run. A display near a specific strength training machine could show usage and safety instructions for new users.

5. Digital Signage for Sharing Diet and Nutrition Advice

Your members obviously care about their health. By sharing diet and nutrition advice, you can help people see your facility as more than a place to work out. You can increase customer engagement by building your authority in all areas of health and fitness. This could be as simple as good nutrition tips, recipes, and even the best foods to eat before and after workouts.

6. Local Weather and News

To build engagement using digital signage, you need to draw members' eyes to your screens. One way to do this is by offering the information you know they will want to see, like local weather and news. OptiSigns has built-in apps that allow you to share this content with just a few clicks. Even better, you can use OptiSigns' built-in split-screen templates to show content from up to five different sources. That means that you can feature any of the content options listed above on the same screen with the local weather or news.

7. Fitness Center Announcements

The best way to deepen engagement is to keep people informed. Unfortunately, few members will read announcements posted at the entrance on a bulletin board. So you need to catch their attention. This is where using video or animated graphics can help. With OptiSigns, you can even add QR codes to make it easy for members to get more information or sign up for upcoming events and activities right from their smartphones.

Making the Most out of Your Digital Signage with OptiSigns

Whether you are installing your first digital signage or looking for a way to get more out of what you already have, you will want to check out OptiSigns. With the free, fully functional, no-obligation trial, you can check out everything OptiSigns has to offer. You will quickly see how easy it is to import content from multiple sources or create your own using their built-in designer. You will then experience how easy OptiSigns makes it to assign and schedule content across all your displays. It won't take long before your members notice and engagement begins to build. Start your Free trial here.

If you are looking for a way to create beautiful content for your fitness center, OptiSigns' integration with Canva makes it easier than ever. Just select Canva from the list of apps. Then, you can create your content right in Canva's easy-to-use interface. Your designs will be imported directly into OptiSigns for assignment to any or all of your digital signs.