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October 25, 2019

Putting Atlassian/JIRA board on big screen TV with OptiSigns Digital Signage

Many teams are already using Atlassian JIRA suite to manage their work.

Having the sprint boards, charts, report up on a big screens TV in your office can help to greatly improve communication and awareness of the team.

You can do so easily with OptiSigns. Example:

Here's are the detail steps:

Log in to Atlassian JIRA and navigate to the page/dashboard that you want to share on your big screen TV, and copy the URL.

If you haven't done so already, hide the sidebar by clicking the Collapse button like below.

It will also hide it when you display in TV. It will look better and save precious screen real estate.

Now, log on to OptiSigns:

Add the URL you copied as Webste app, by clicking File/Asset -> App -> Website

You can set Update Interval to refresh content when ever JIRA changed.

Then click Save.

Now you can assign this newly create JIRA Website asset to a screen or to a Playlist.

In this example, we create a playlist to cycle through a few JIRA boards.

Then assign this playlist to a screen by going back to Screens tab, then Click Edit Screen.

Then select the Playlist:

Then Click Save.

Now come an important step.On your TV, it will display Atlassian log on screen.

You will need to connect a keyboard & mouse to the player device to enter in the username/password.

If you are using Fire TV or Android devices that do not have USB port to plug in keyboard, mouse, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard mouse combo like this Logitech one.

After that, the credential will be saved on the device and it will keep playing.

If you have the JIRA dashboard in a playlist, it would be a good idea to make the playlist item duration a bit longer so you have enough time to enter in username/password.

You can always change the duration back to what you want later.

That's all! Now you have your JIRA Dashboard on big screen TV.

You can follow the same process to put any JIRA link, dashboard, report on OptiSigns.

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