September 22, 2021

Quick-start Guide for Fitness Center Digital Signage

Deploying Digital Signage in your Fitness center can help you to increase your membership and merchandise sales, promote trainers, locations or new equipment and services. It also can help to get your important announcements across and improve your member’s experience.

Setting up Digital Signage is not complex or costly as you may think.

You will only need:

1 or more TV screens, the more the better ways to show your content

1 Fire TV Stick (or other digital signage player of your choice)

1 OptiSigns account. If you don’t have one, sign up here

In this guide we will show you how to set up your TVs, connect them to OptiSigns, what Apps and templates to use, and start casting your customized content to better engage your members. In 30 minutes you can have your signs up and start running your promotions, announcements.

Setup guide for Digital Signage

Fitness Center: Setup guide for Digital Signage

Here is a step by step guide for bringing your TV screens to life in your gyms, Aerobics, Yoga, Dance, Pilates or any kind of fitness centers:

1. Setup your TVs

The cheapest and quickest way to start would be using an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Similar to this, you can get a Roku device or Roku TV. For both cases, get the OptiSigns app from the app store of the device of your choice. OptiSigns is available for most popular devices, here is a list of compatible devices.

Another option is getting a dedicated device for turning your screens into Digital Signs, such as a Raspberry Pi compatible player or an Android stick. For any of these, there is an installation required to start using our software.

2. Pair Screen in OptiSigns

After downloading the OptiSigns app or installing the software, simply open it and you will get a pairing code like this:

pairing screen OptiSigns

Copy it to the OptiSigns dashboard in Add Screen green button. You can also do it from the OptiSigns mobile admin app. Once added, you can start assigning your custom content to the new screen.

3. Design your Content

Next, we have some examples of the content you can start showing with our App integrations and templates available for free. You can edit this content to your liking with our easy to use online editor, Canvas, located in your OptiSigns dashboard menu.

Here are some starting content examples we suggest can help any fitness center to increase their sales while also improving their members experiences:


Digital Signage can become a great tool for increase sales on location. You can show content related to your new special training package, merchandise or nutrition package, in a way that people will actually notice.

Build Trust

Display your social media reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and more sites. Build trust with your members, and encourage recommendations on social media. You are in control of what you show by filtering specific posts or hashtags.

Motivational content

Post inspirational messages to help your members stay on track. You can use a multitude of images and templates to design what you exactly want to show. Also, you can mix it up with different app integrations, like in this example showing the images and the calendar app showing the next event:


Communicate with your members about the upcoming class schedules to help them better plan their workout activities or find out about new ones. You can easily set this up by projecting any website, PowerPoint presentation or most popular online calendar like Google or Outlook.

4.Schedule content

Depending on your business goals, you can prioritize what to put on your screens and when. You can follow this complete guide to know how to setup your schedules here.

By following these steps you can your improve your members overall experience in your locations with beautifully digital signs, tailored made for you, with multitude of options to choose from our templates and apps gallery.