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January 20, 2022

Show your Dashboards on your Office Screens

If you are looking for ways to increase employee engagement, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards are a great approach. However, they are most effective when you can regularly keep them in front of your employees. The best way to do that is to use your office digital signage to display your KPI dashboards in critical locations around the office.

OptiSigns makes it easy to create dashboard digital signage for your office. Your organization probably already has many KPI dashboards that are ready to go. Now you can share them with real-time updates anywhere you have digital displays. You can learn how to display PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio or any other web based dashboard with our Web Scripting.

Apps for Dasbhoards

OptiSigns' apps for Office Dashboards

Why Share KPIs on Office Digital Signage?

KPI dashboards are graphical representations of KPIs and other metrics. Organizations use them to monitor performance, enabling leaders to make data-driven decisions. They also keep managers and employees focused on what's most important.

Sharing these KPI dashboards on an ongoing basis can help keep everyone motivated, let them track their own progress, and assist them in reaching their own goals and the goals of the organization. Of course, the best way to keep this critical data in front of your team is by sharing it on your office digital signage.

Where Should KPIs Be Shared?

If you use OptiSigns for your dashboard digital signage, you have complete control over where and when your KPIs are displayed. If you wish, you can run any content on all of your signage at once. However, you also have the ability to assign different content to each screen and even use the scheduling feature to set when it appears.

Depending on your organization and office space, you may want KPIs to display everywhere or be limited to places employees congregate like break rooms, conference rooms, and frequently travelled hallways. Some dashboards may be best served only to team members. There may be other KPI dashboards that you want clients and customers to see, perhaps to build excitement about the company's performance. You may even want to share different KPI dashboards in different locations to share the data most relevant to various departments.

How to Share KPI Dashboards with OptiSigns

OptiSigns offers maximum flexibility for sharing KPIs on your office digital signage. It is easy to share data either manually or automatically. You can create and upload your own graphics, charts, images, or other files and set them to display on your selected signs. Choose from standard graphics formats like PDFs and JPG files. Even upload Excel sheets or PowerPoint presentations and assign them to your office signage.  

Upload files from your computer, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or even straight from Instagram. OptiSigns also makes it simple to sign in to your Google account so that you can always display the most updated data from your Google Drive. You can also use OptiSigns' built-in templates and drag and drop editor to design KPI slides right inside the platform.

Integrating Popular Software

If you are using third-party software to track KPIs, you may find it even easier to connect it directly to OptiSigns to keep your signage dynamically and continuously updated. For example, if you work with Power BI or Tableau, just sign in and, in minutes, your KPI dashboards can be shared on your office digital signage. Just use the included app and copy and paste the URL of your desired dashboard or report.

You can also integrate your files from Microsoft programs like Excel and PowerPoint as well as Google services like Docs, Pages, and Sheets. Using OptiSigns integrations with popular software, you can get your dashboards on the screens in minutes, so you and your team will always see the very latest data wherever you choose to share it.

Sharing KPI Dashboards Alongside Other Important Information

If you have office digital signage in a location where employees see it regularly, you may want to include other important information alongside the dashboard. With OptiSigns split-screen templates, you can share your dashboard in one window and use the rest of the space to share weather, staff birthdays, social media updates, or even the company's stock price.

Get Started with Dashboard Digital Signage

Whether you already have an existing digital signage system, are starting from scratch, or are getting ready to expand, OptiSigns is ready to help. They can even help set you up with the proper hardware. OptiSigns offers pre-configured Android stick players and Raspberry Pi devices. In addition, they come already configured to your account, so you can just plug them into existing displays and get started in minutes.

You can even try everything OptiSigns has to offer for free with no obligation. Take advantage of OptiSigns free, fully-functional trial. Upload or create your own graphics, embed your KPIs and test out all the features yourself. Put your screens to work and help your employees, and your company reach their goals.

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