Top 8 ideas to increase viewers' engagement with scrolling strip in your digital signs

Updated: Sep 19

Scrolling text on your digital signage is a useful feature to have. You can use it for Employee birthdays or anniversaries, announcements, weather, news, stock, alerts, inventory, stock, donor wall, and much more.

The great thing about scrolling text is that you can combine it with your regular content or use the split screen design on the digital signs and you can display a horizontal strip at the bottom or the top part of your screen. You can also use our vertical scrolling text widget that is more commonly used in Digital Signs on Offices, Hotels, Airports, etc.

Let's dive into the how-to create vertical and horizontal scrolling text:

Use cases design examples:

Here are some ideas to use horizontal and Vertical text features on your digital signs:

1. Employee birthday:

2. Announcements:

3. Weather:

4. News:

5. Stock: