July 27, 2022

Turn your screens from static to interactive with digital signage touchless solution

Give customers momentary touchless control of interactive digital signs by letting them navigate the experience directly on their smartphone, without installing any additional hardware or downloading any app.

Digital signage is making its way into new places and spaces while businesses find new ways of catching the attention of their target audience, engaging with them, and uplifting sales.

While personalization has been a hot topic in the past few years, the interactive element is what’s really rising, with touchless technology founding its way into almost every industry, from retail to hospitality and restaurants, thanks to the digital world that is increasingly using technology to make life more convenient and hands-off but most importantly, give customers an interactive seamless experience.

What is interactive digital signage?

Put simply, interactive digital signage is a touchless solution that allows users control of digital signages from the one screen people are constantly touching and engaging with comfortably — their smartphone. Turning traditional digital signs into a participatory activity and inviting consumers to physically engage with the display content and find information that’s relevant to them

Just by scanning a QR code displayed on TVs or screens, customers could get control with their phone, to scroll through content, select menu items,  view videos, get more information on products or services, enter data for discounts, and much more.

While traditional digital signage broadcasts information in a one-way direction, displaying content regardless of whether or not viewers are engaged, interactive digital signage turns viewers into users.

How can it be applied to your use cases:

Interactive digital displays can educate, inform and engage. Customers can scan a QR code displayed on TVs or screens. Here are some ideas to be applied in:


- Get more information on products

- Display different sizes or variants of a product

- View video

- Find their way or get custom directions

- Enter email to get discount

- Enter email to get notification on product availability

Car dealership:

- View different models or color

- Display videos of the interior of cars

- Make a comparison of their chosen car models

- Design their car with options given by the brand

- Enter email to get a newsletter


- Display menu details

- Quiz on menu food

- Sign up to get a reward or sign up for a contest

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