January 24, 2023

Use digital signage with Approval Workflow for the workplace communication

Communication within the workplace is easier than you think with digital signage

Companies and organizations have a need to communicate openly and effectively with their teams. The challenge for many companies that uses intranet or emailing as the main form of communication with their team is that a percentage of their workforce does not have access to an Intranet and for those that do, the volume of messages they receive on their laptop or cellphone can dilute the message you want to communicate and sometimes they don't get it at all. There's the additional challenge of distributed workforces over multiple time zones and locations, so the need to find an alternative and effective method of employee communication is urgent.

The answer is to deploy scalable and easy-to-manage digital signage solution like OptiSigns, that can educate, entertain, engage and inform employees in common areas like lobbies, break rooms, sales departments, and meeting offices.

Take control of your digital signage with Approval Workflow

The secret ingredient to great communication is collaboration and OptiSigns digital signage solution makes working as a team feel like a breeze.

Sharing amazing content on your digital signs should be easy and fast. But the content creation itself sometimes can take a long time, especially if there is more than one person involved in content creation and/or approvals. That's why we are excited to provide our clients with a faster way to approve and display content as approval workflow gives you visibility and control over your team’s content.

OptiSigns approval workflow will hold content created by users until an administrator approves it which allows more people to submit content while maintaining control over what is displayed on the digital signs.

With this feature set up on your OptiSigns account employees can submit new content and revisions for approval prior to publishing, allowing your communication process through the digital signage to move forward more quickly.

Approval Workflow feature works great with employees and collaborators

Approval Workflow gives you the power to prevent a user from adding content to your digital signage network that is not approved, as content can come from a range of sources within the workplace team. For example, it could be a trusted source from an internal team, or it could be an external collaborator like a graphic designer hired to create content. Wherever the source, you can control those who have the authority to approve content, and those who need their content approved.

OptiSigns Approval Workflow feature is designed to help workplace teams looking to:

  • Reduce the need for emails and instant messages about content creation or approval process
  • Automate workflows for a faster content process
  • View and manage content created by multiple users in one dashboard
  • Have more visibility into how regional managers customize content for their locations

Let's break down how Approval Workflow works with OptiSigns Pro or Enterprise Plan:

1) Contributors in your organization that can create, upload content, and make changes to Playlists

2) Then submit to Admin or Approver to review & approve (we have email notification available)

3) Once the content is approved, the changes will be applied to your screens immediately

Learn how to use OptiSigns approval workflow feature here.

In summary, OptiSigns Approval Workflow lets you delegate content creation and allows your team to contribute to the digital signs. With a tailored Approval Workflow process employees can feel more empowered to see their content being displayed on the screens in their workplaces, and as admin, you can review contents before it’s published. This will ensure your digital signage content stays fresh and to save priceless time and use it for other tasks.


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