December 11, 2021

Using an Android Device for Digital Signage

One of the essential features of modern digital signage platforms is the ability to quickly add additional signage screens. This flexibility is especially helpful if it can be set up using inexpensive and widely available hardware. OptiSigns makes it simple to add temporary or permanent signage by using affordable and widely available Android devices like tablets, TVs, and dedicated Android players.

Why Use Android Devices for Digital Signage?

One of the main barriers to entry for digital signage has long been the cost. Between dedicated hardware and software, just getting started could mean spending thousands of tens of thousands of dollars. Android, similar to solutions that use Raspberry Pi devices, is far more cost-effective. These devices are also simple to set up, reducing the amount of technical expertise needed.

Android Digital Signage

Android Digital Signage

Here are some of the advantages of using Android devices for digital signage:

1.     A Multitude of Hardware Options – From phones and tablets to TVs and set-top boxes, Android runs on a wide selection of devices from a range of manufacturers.

2.     Easy to Use – The Android operating system is so common and intuitive that most people already know how to use it. This is great, especially if you don't have much experience with digital signage.

3.     Inexpensive – While Android is available on high-end devices, it can also be found on a range of budget-friendly devices.

Getting Started – Choose Your Android Device

Once you have discovered the possibilities of using Android devices for digital signage, you will quickly see how many devices are available. These devices are so common that you may already have some options lying around. You can choose from tablets in sizes up to 12" and available from Samsung, Lenovo, and many lesser-known manufacturers. In addition, all-in-one displays with Android TV built-in are available from Sony, Philips, and others.

Using an External Android Player

Another way to use Android for digital signage is to connect an external Android player to a TV or display. These Android streaming devices are available as sticks, dongles, and set-top boxes. To make things even easier, OptiSigns sells an Android player that is pre-configured with the OptiSigns app and already paired to your account for only $79.99. Just plug it in, turn on the display, and watch your assigned content appear.

Installing the OptiSigns App

Getting your device setup is as easy as heading the Google Play Store and downloading the OptiSigns Digital Signage App. You can also download the APK from OptiSigns and install it directly. Once you have installed the app, it will give you the option to pair it to your OptiSigns account. Make a note of the pairing code. Now go to your OptiSigns web portal, click Add Screen and enter the pairing code. Once your device is paired, you can assign content, including playlists and schedules, just like with any other display. Note that there are no controls within the app. All changes, including unpairing the device, happen in the OptiSigns web portal

Controlling Your Digital Signage with Android

So far, we have only covered how to use Android devices as screens to display content. However, you can also use inexpensive tablets and even a smartphone to control your signage from anywhere. You can access the OptiSigns portal from any web browser on any device. However, you can also download the OptiSigns Admin app to your Android device from the Google Play Store. Just log in with your account credentials, and you can manage content, link screens, and make other adjustments. Even more, features are in development to make the mobile app more helpful for digital signage management on the go.

Digital Signage: Android Devices and OptiSigns

The fastest, most straightforward way to implement and manage digital signage is with Android devices and OptiSigns. If you have existing displays, you can plug in an Android player. Or, if you are starting from scratch, you can consider using TVs with Android built-in or any of the many available Android tablets. No matter what your setup, OptiSigns makes it possible to get those signs connected and running in just a few clicks.

If you need help with hardware, OptiSigns can assist with that as well. They offer pre-configured Android and Raspberry Pi devices and can even link them to your OptSigns account. That means you just need to plug them in, connect them to the internet, and start displaying your signage content in minutes. Learn more on OptiSigns Shop.

OptiSigns Shop Devices

OptiSigns Shop Devices

To see how straightforward OptiSigns makes digital signage, take advantage of their free, no-obligation, fully-functional trial. You will see for yourself how simple it is to create attention-getting, professional-looking slide content, pull content from multiple sources, schedule screens, and keep everything running smoothly. And, if you happen to have any Android devices, you can install both the OptiSigns Digital Signage player and the OptiSigns Admin app, connect them to your trial account and see the seamless integration. So, sign up for your free no-obligation trial and get started today.