May 28, 2019

Using OptiSigns to get more value out of your restaurant digital signs

Using Digital Signs at your restaurant can go beyond just putting up menu boards. You can schedule breakfast, lunch, happy hours, dinner menus or special sales promotions, leverage your customers reviews, social media content and more.

First, if you don't have Digital Signs up already, you can set it up quickly and easily with OptiSigns. Here's a step by step detail how-to guide.

If you need template for your menus, we have 40+ Free Menu Templates for Restaurant, QSR, Bakery, Café and more. They are high quality, high resolution and fully customizable, just need to enter your items.

Now your got your signs up, here are more ways you can leverage them.

1) Manage Schedules

With OptiSigns you can schedule your menu to auto switch from breakfast to lunch, happy hours, dinner menus. You can even make schedule for different day of the week.

For promotion, you can make schedule in advance, such as this weekend 4-6PM to show a certain promotion.

Learn more about how to use schedules in OptiSigns here.

2) Create Facebook, Instagram Wall

Social media engagement is important for restaurant business. 69% of Millennial dinners takes photo of their food before eating, 30% of Millennial diners actively avoid restaurant with weak Instagram presence, more statistics here.

With OptiSigns, you can create Facebook, Instagram Wall using contents you already have.

Just enter your profile and OptiSigns will automatically create visually attractive social media walls.

Displaying social media wall can increase your customer engagement and encourage customers to interact with your more on social media, and more online presence for your restaurant. It's also known for increasing sales because some customers are purchasing multiple dishes just for the pics.

Here's detail step by step how to set up Instagram Wall with OptiSigns.Our Facebook app is in Beta, and will be release by 6/7. You can also request early access by clicking here.

3) Displaying Google Reviews

Another important factor for restaurant is reviews. 68% of Millennial trust online reviews as supposed to 34% trust TV ads, consumers likely to spend 31% more on businesses with excellent reviews, 53% of 18-34 year-old report that online reviews factor into their dining decisions, for more statistic and Infographic click here.

Displaying Reviews in your restaurant will increase customer confident in making purchases, increase sales and encourage customers to post more reviews that will directly impact your online presence.

Similar with Social Media, you can create Google Review Wall simply by connecting to your restaurant's Google review page. For detail step by step click here.

4) Display Weather Wall

People love to know about the weather as they thinking about what to do next.

In a restaurant, weather wall can provide useful information to customers, increase trust that digital signs are not all marketing ads.

To create Weather Wall with OptiSigns, you just need to enter your city or Zip Code location. For detail guide click here.

5) Reduce waiting time by displaying News

Similar to weather, news can be a good ways to provide useful information to your customers and reduce perception that signs are ads. It also a useful tool to reduce perceived waiting time if you have one.

To learn how to set up news with OptiSigns click here.

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