September 1, 2023

What’s New in September 2023?

OptiSigns is rolling out a series of product updates across various areas of our platform. Let's dive into our recent releases.

Web Scripting & Secured Dashboard

  • Secured Dashboard App - The perfect solution for displaying KPIs and reports seamlessly, even in complex scenarios. Whether dealing with Multi Factor Authentication, mixed device fleets, or avoiding loading status interruptions, this app takes your recorded Web Scripting App scripts and executes them on a dedicated instance. Elevate your reporting game effortlessly!

External Storage

  • External Storage -  Optimize your storage experience! Should you find yourself running low on storage space on your device, fret not! You can easily address this issue by expanding your storage capacity with the simple addition of a USB drive or micro SD card. This function ensures that you have ample space for all your needs. Say goodbye to storage concerns and hello to a seamlessly expanded storage solution that keeps your device running smoothly. 

Designer App

  • ChatGPT in Designer App - Enhanced productivity now! Explore the power of OpenAI, a renowned tool for both creative and analytical tasks. Witnessing the latest trend of the Chat GPT Power, OptiSigns has integrated OpenAI in the Designer app, which helps unlock the ability to effortlessly create text prompts that harmonize with your templates. Elevate communication and nurture creativity through this seamless integration without switching among OptiSigns and Open AI. Now you have all you need in one app. 
  • Coordinate-Based Positioning & Sizing of Elements in Designer App - Now, you have the capability to unleash the potential for achieving precise placement and sizing of elements, allowing you to craft designs that truly captivate your audience. This newfound power empowers you to create visually stunning and precisely tailored compositions, ensuring your designs make a lasting impact on your viewers.

Navigating through OptiSigns' Template Library

  • Search Tags in Template Library - This feature proves valuable when exploring tags in our template library, offering a streamlined and effective method for finding templates. It simplifies the template search, making the process more efficient and saving users significant time.