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March 8, 2023

Wireless presentation for your meeting rooms made easy with AeriCast

If you are tired of struggling every time you start a presentation in meeting rooms because you can never find the correct dongle or cord to connect your device we have the solution.

AeriCast wireless presentation add-on allows you to turn any room with a screen or TV into a meeting room and to start a presentation from your laptop in seconds without connecting any cord or hardware to the conference room screen or TV, completely wireless. Then you can turn back your screens into digital signs when you are not presenting, without a hassle.  

AeriCast also makes your meetings more collaborative by creating modern workspaces for hybrid teams using wireless presentation to bring your team together on meetings and projects. This wireless presentation solution makes it easy to connect and present from any device as it supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices, and cast information without the use of cables, allowing remote employees to collaborate on meetings wherever they are and quickly and easily switch presenters on the fly if needed.

If you already have an OptiSigns account, you can use AeriCast add-on for free on one screen with 40 min presentation session limit, but if you need to unlock the session limit you can purchase the add-on for $20/screen. Here’s how to set it up:

1. First, you need to log in to your OptiSigns account in our portal: and add the AeriCast Wireless Presentation add-on app to your account by clicking on Files/Assets, then on "App" and clicking on the AeriCast Wireless Presentation app.

2. Then enter your AeriCast Wireless Presentation app information and click the save button and preview. You can get more details about this point in our support article.

3. Assign the AeriCast Wireless Presentation app directly to a screen by going back to the Screens tab and selecting the screens you want to put it on.

You can set up your screens to show the full ScreenShare app like this:

Or you can even put the AeriCast Wireless Presentation asset in a bottom strip of a Split Screen to use the digital signage feature when your screen or conference room is not in use.

That’s all, following these simple steps you can create your AeriCast Wireless Presentation app and present/mirror your screen from any laptop or iOS/Android phone, or tablet without any cables or dongles. You can also change the wall at any time on the Files/Assets tab.

As you can see AeriCast is an all-in-one solution for wireless presentation and will help you provide a better, more reliable, and seamless presentation experience from any device, making smarter team collaboration happen.


Start your OptiSigns 14-day free trial here and join the thousands of businesses that trust in us.

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