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An Expert Solution for Improving Office Communication

From corporate announcements,

employee anniversary, health & safety messages.

Get your signs up and running in minutes with OptiSigns


Trusted by the world's most recognizable companies:


A Multitude of Use Cases for Office Communications

There are countless use cases for offices with digital signs from OptiSigns. With our digital signage solutions, you're able to boost communication in more ways than one.
This is how you can use a digital sign from OptiSigns to improve inter-office communication and foster healthy corporate relationships:


Free Templates

COVID-19 Health & Safety, Welcome New Employees, Holiday, Birthday, Upcoming Events, ... We have free templates for all occasions.

Browse our templates

Multi-zones Display

Combine your messages with other engaging contents to gain attention and add more values to viewers


Informs & Entertain Visitors

Weather, Traffics, Social Media, News, ...

OptiSigns have 70+ apps that can help to keep your content fresh and your visitors engaged.

See our apps

Share Dashboard, KPIs

Already have your Dashboard in Power BI, Tableau, JIRA, ...?

Share them on big screen TV


Drive More Engagement

Drive more engagement, interaction with QR codes such as RSVP for events, get employees polling, survey just by scanning QR Codes
Click here to learn more about how to use QR Code on your digital signs

Health & Safety Messages

Remind your visitors, employees of hygiene practices and your offices procedures to keep everyone safe.


"The ease of use to set this product up on multiple screens across the country and manage the content we push in real time is the biggest draw for us. It works great to communicate between offices and allows for customization so many teams can be represented in the ways that work best for them. "

Brett S., Business Analyst

Smartsense Inc.

"We are using OptiSigns for internal signage and announcements within our 70 person office staff... 

This software does exactly what I would hope it'd do. "

Cameron W., Digital Marketing Specialist

Sweet Express LLC.

Are you ready to transform your office communications with a service that makes sense?

Improve Information Flow in Your Office

Many offices struggle to keep communication strong and to make sure that everyone is aware of the goings-on in the company. That's because there are so many events that take place on a daily basis that it can be tough for leadership to spread the word and make sure everyone knows what's going on in the office. 

With digital signage around the office, however, you can improve the way that your team communicates with one another and stays informed about your company. With the ability to display everything from corporate announcements, employee anniversaries, and health & safety messages, a digital sign can be a game-changer for your team. 

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