December 3, 2018

6 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage Displays for Your Coffee Shop

With the average small business now spending around $75,000 a year on digital marketing, you can take a lot of that work into your own hands. Digital signage displays offer so much flexibility for promotion, advertising, and communication that they shouldn't be overlooked. In fact, digital signage is a great option because it's hard to overlook one when you pass by.

Here are six ways to get a lot out of digital signage at your coffee shop.

1. Announce Your Opening

If you are preparing to open your coffee shop, use digital signage at your windows to help get the community excited about your new coffee shop.

Get some high-quality photos of your products and previews of what you'll be offering to get everyone's mouth watering. When people walk by, they'll stop to see what this new sign has to say.

Add photos of the owners and the staff so that everyone feels like they know the staff from day one. This will give your coffee shop a fun and communal vibe from day one.

2. Promote Events

Digital signage is a great way to promote events and share the calendar of what's to come at your coffee shop. Since displays can be changed so easily and play a slideshow, you don't have to think about putting too much information on display.  

If you double as a concert venue, you don't have to clutter your window with taped up posters anymore. You can get posters from your performers and acts to show what's happening in the days ahead. You can change them every week to get people excited about what you're offering.

Even if you don't have music, theater, or poetry readings, a digital display could be a great opportunity to try out hosting different kinds of events. You could hold tastings, invite local restauranteurs to pair with your coffee or have a "meet the growers" event.

There's no limit to what you can do when you have a digital sign at your coffee shop.

3. Offer One-Day Only Deals

With a digital display, you can make on the fly changes to entice customers. You can host specials or one-day-only deals to attract a new audience or reward your loyal customers.

If you have a loyalty program, offer two stamps or extra points to anyone who comes in and buys a snack on a given day. You could get customers walking out of their way to see what you're offering, even on a day when they didn't plan on dropping by.

One-day only deals can also work in collaboration with the people who make your baked goods or things that you sell. They could make a special kind of cake that you give away with any drink purchase. Deals like this offer your partners the opportunity to see the popularity of their products.

When they're looking to expand, your digital sign can be the quickest way for them to try out new things with your help.

4. Ask a Trivia Question

One of the things that coffee shops can do to increase their potential of going viral is to put a trivia question on their displays. Whether it's pun-related, topical, or simply a clever play on words, it has the potential to get spread all over the internet on your behalf.

Asking trivia questions goes hand in hand with giveaways. If that delicious pound cake you cut into on Monday hasn't sold by Wednesday, make your Thursday trivia reward a slice of that cake. When someone answers your question correctly, they deserve a chance to try out your pound cake.

Victory never tastes as sweet as it does when you win snacks with your knowledge.

5. Give Transit Information

Transit information is probably one of the most practical uses for digital sign displays. If you walk around New York, Chicago, or Boston, you'll find cafes all across those cities showing bus and train information on their displays.

This helps commuters plan out their trips during bad weather. It also helps them to know whether or not they can relax with their coffee or if they need to get going.

Those mornings when they might not have stopped because they thought the train was coming will come to an end. Expect thank yous from customers and an increase in traffic during the morning, now that people know when the train is coming and when there's time.

6. Talk About Local Issues

A coffee shop is a place for the community to gather and chat. Every coffee shop in every community serves as a place for people to meet, chat, and engage with one another.

It's vital for coffee shops to take this position seriously. The community relies on their local coffee shop and many conversations about local issues and political concerns take place there. If you want to tell your community that you understand this, use your digital signage to invite them to chat.

Tell them that you know what's going on with local zoning, schooling, or other hot-button issues. Invite local elected officials to hold an event at your coffee shop to discuss community concerns. Promote that conversation on your digital signage and you'll suddenly become a place that's important to local civic life.

Digital Signage Displays Have So Much Flexibility

No matter whether you have a small coffee shop or a chain, digital signage displays give you so many options to share information and promotions.  

When you have one in your coffee shop, inspiration will hit you when you least expect it, getting you to create new signage on a whim. You'll have so much flexibility that you won't be able to deny that your spike in profits is directly linked to your display.

For more ways that signs can improve business at your coffee shop, contact us today.