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August 19, 2021

Effective Digital Signage for Office Communication with Zoom Rooms Digital Signage Integration

If you are using Zoom Rooms in your office, OptiSigns can help you get the most out of your displays between meetings. Zoom Rooms is a great way to create integrated, easy to use, video conferencing rooms. However, the screens you use for conferences mostly sit idle between meetings. With OptiSigns and Zoom Rooms digital signage feature, you can use those screens to share information, updated in real-time, to create better communication and increase engagement within your organization.

You can share images, videos, websites, social media, calendars, dashboards, and more and manage it all remotely. While how you use the screen real estate is up to you, here are some ways you can do much more with your Zoom Rooms displays between meetings.

Top 5 Ideas for Using the Zoom Rooms Digital Signage Feature with OptiSigns

1. Assign Digital Signage Content Tailored to the Room

Yes, by default, Zoom rooms can display details about the next meeting coming up, but by integrating Zoom Rooms with OptiSigns, you can do far more. Taking advantage of the improved Google and Microsoft calendar integrations, you can automatically display the schedule for the conference room. The best part is that events are now updated in real-time without any lag. So, if your team adds an event or changes a time, you don't have to do anything, and it will be updated on the screen.

2. Display Useful Dashboards from Google Analytics, PowerBI, Tableau, and Others

OptiSigns zoom rooms digital signage integration in a small conference room

Imagine displaying dashboards with up-to-the-minute data on any Zoom Rooms display between meetings. OptiSigns offers a large selection of integrations with popular platforms to make it easy such as PowerBI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Trello, Jira, among others. Once you have connected OptiSigns to Zoom rooms, it is as simple as choosing your app, linking your account, and adding it to your Zoom Rooms display. In just minutes, the unused display will be keeping your employees up to date with the latest statistics and benchmarks.

3. Integrate Social Media

Modern, responsive organizations like to keep an ear to social media to get a glimpse of how they are perceived by customers and other members of the public. Even if you have a social media team, it is good for all staff members to see how things look on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. OptiSigns' Zoom Rooms Digital Signage Integration allows you to display customized feeds from the most popular social platforms. You can adjust the look and feel of what shows on your Zoom Rooms display and decide whether you want to see posts from specific users, hashtags, or walls from both personal and business accounts.

4. Use Split Screens to Display Information from Multiple Sources

Can't decide on the best content to share? Fortunately, with Zoom Rooms Digital Signage Integration from OptiSigns, you don't have to choose just one. Instead, you can choose from one of nine split screen templates or create your own custom template and display up to five different content sources. For example, you could have a Twitter feed scrolling across the top, a dashboard as the main content, a video in another window, and even run a playlist in another. Anything you can display by itself on a screen, you can include in one of the windows in split-screen mode.

5. Welcome Employees Back to the Office

After being away for months during the pandemic, employees are making their way back to the office. Why not use your Zoom Rooms displays to welcome them back and catch them up on everything they need to know? Announcement slides, videos, or other content can make sure they feel welcomed and that they know everything they need to know to get back to normal.

Given that more and more companies are experimenting with hybrid work options, signage like this may be more essential than ever. As staff members come in and out of the office, we will no longer be able to count on informal communications like water cooler talk to keep people informed. Team leaders will need to use every tool at their disposal to keep everyone on the same page. Fortunately, by taking advantage of the Zoom Rooms Digital Signage Integration with OptiSigns, companies can keep relevant information in front of employees whenever they are in a conference room waiting for their next meeting.

zoom rooms screen with digital signage integration from optisigns

Zoom Rooms screen with digital signage integration from OptiSigns

Zoom Rooms Digital Signage Integration – The Only Limit is Your Imagination

With an easy-to-use interface, hundreds of templates, and the option to share images, videos, and documents on any Zoom Room screen, Zoom Rooms Digital Signage Integration from OptiSigns offers nearly unlimited customization options. In addition, 80 different apps make it possible to pull content from online sources to show news, weather, and sports to keep your staff up to date on the world outside the office. You can also share information from productivity apps like Asana and Trello or pull content from anywhere on the web using an RSS feed. So give it a try and see how you can keep your office and people more informed and connected than ever.

Even better, you can use OptiSigns for all the signage in your office or on your campus. With just a few clicks, you can schedule what content show on which screen at what time. All of your signs, even those in your Zoom Rooms, can be aligned around a common communications strategy to ensure you share the right message with your employees and guests.

Learn more about OptiSigns Zoom Rooms integration here.

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