February 10, 2019

Weathering the Elements: 8 Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Digital Display Safe

Digital media in public venues reaches more customers than a video on the internet.

That's only one of the reasons digital signage is so effective. Over 50% of communication professionals use digital signage as a tool for their companies.

So you know it works, but how do you keep your outdoor digital display protected from the outside elements? That's where outdoor TV enclosures and equipment come into play.

We'll talk about how to keep your digital display safe and in good condition below.

So let's dive in.

1. Make Sure You Get the Right TV

No matter what type of digital display you need, you have to make sure it can withstand the outdoor conditions in your area. You can't take an indoor TV, hang it up outside, and expect good results.

An indoor TV won't hold up to rain, hail, or snow.

So when you're looking at an outdoor digital display, you have to make sure it's durable. Look for components that ensure the display can last in various weather conditions.

For example, if you want an outdoor digital sign, make sure that sign has a powder-coat finish to protect from impact, heavy-gauge aluminum cabinets, and carbon steel legs.

2. Consider Outdoor TV Enclosures

Your outdoor digital display doesn't need an enclosure. But an enclosure can keep your display in good condition and save you money in the long run.

How? Even if you maintain your digital display on a regular basis, the weather and other outdoor conditions will wear down the display over time. No matter what type of digital display you have, you'll eventually have to replace the entire unit.  That replacement can cost thousands of dollars.

An outdoor enclosure protects your display from that type of wear and tear. It also gives your display added protection against impact and vandalism, which can lead to other costly repairs.

Although your outdoor digital display doesn't need an enclosure, they can give you a better ROI in the long run.

There are many good weather proof TV Enclosure on Amazon, or get a product like TVShield.

3. Get Weather-Proof Cables

When indoor cables get exposed to outdoor elements, they can crack apart and wear down.

Cables might be the last thing on your mind when you're planning an outdoor digital display, but without proper cables, the rest of your display won't work. So make sure your cables have UV ray protection and are rated for use outdoors.

4. Spend Some Time Thinking About Your Stand

The mount for your digital display also needs to be able to last outside.

Indoor mounts don't do well outside. They deteriorate in hot or cold conditions, which, between the two of them, is practically everywhere. These mounts will start to rust, fall apart, and look altogether unprofessional.

More importantly, indoor mounts can't handle the weight of heavier outdoor mounts. Like your cables, make sure any mount you choose is rated for outdoor use.

5. Install a Drip Loop

If moisture gets into your digital display, you'll be looking at some expensive repairs. No matter what type of display you're using, you should form the cables into drip loops.

What's a drip loop?

Right before the cable enters the TV or display, twist them into a 180-degree loop. As moisture travels along the cables, it will make its way into the loop. From there, the water drips off the lowest point of the loop instead of getting inside your display.

6. Make Sure Your TV Has Proper Air-Circulation Control

Modern TV generate a lot of heat as they operate. Temperature control is one of the most important features of any outdoor digital display.

As you display runs, it creates its own electrical heat. Couple that with the natural temperature outside, and your unit is in danger of overheating. If your display overheats, you've got a big problem on your hands. In some cases, it can completely destroy your display.

At the very least, you'll have to spend some time repairing the damage. Not only is this expensive, it also means your display isn't running. That can result in lost customers.

To avoid this problem, your digital display needs proper air-circulation control.

Make sure your unit has internal fan systems. These fans will push the hot air out of the display and provide better airflow. On top of that, it can also keep moisture from getting inside.

7. Protect Your TV from Vandalism

Anything outside is susceptible to vandalism. One of the best ways to protect against vandalism and other damage is to use an outdoor enclosure. If you don't want to use an enclosure, make sure you think of other security measures.

Enclosures should be made of steel. This material is durable enough to withstand heavy impact. You should also consider shatter-resistant glass. While people can see your display, they won't be able to get to it.

Always use theft-deterrent locks to protect your display. Make sure they are key locks.

If something does happen to your enclosure, all you have to do is order a new one. This is much cheaper than replacing your entire display.

8. Keep the Warranty

Almost every sign, TV, or other digital display company will offer you a warranty. If they don't, you might want to take your business somewhere else.

You should always keep the warranty for your outdoor display.

A warranty will help if you experience a problem with your display after getting it running. But before you buy anything, make sure the warranty is a useful one. Sometimes the fine print will prevent it from helping you out when you need it.

Weathering the Elements: How to Keep Your Outdoor Digital Display Safe

Without the right cables, outdoor TV enclosures, or air-circulation control, your outdoor digital display won't last very long. No matter what type of display you need, make sure it's durable enough to withstand temperature changes and other weather conditions.

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