September 5, 2022

Digital Signage for Trucking & Logistics

Improve your employee's and customers' experience using digital signage. Welcome visitors and connect employees across organizations and locations with digital signs that can be updated as often as you need to keep your employees and customers informed, engaged, and drive sales while you are at it.

Our clients in the trucking, warehouse and logistics industry are using digital signs to display:


One of the best ways to get your messages across to all employees is through digital sign announcements, with pictures, slides, or videos.

This feature is ideal for communicating new schedules, shift changes, upcoming meetings, safety protocols, and more.

Communicate Your Key Messages:

Digital signage is an ideal channel to begin the work of communicating and illustrating your company values to your team.

You can create dedicated slides for each core value that runs throughout your business and display a regular visual reminder of the things that matter the most to your company and control it from a central headquarters to remotely push out announcements to all your screens.

Better Training & Engagement:

Keep every employee updated on the paperwork, and company rules using digital signage. Extend training sessions through slide presentations, animated clips, and explanatory or instructional videos.

OptiSigns also allows you to integrate with +120 Apps to show engaging content like weather, news, RSS feeds, world clock, live TV,  social media, etc.

Share your KPIs:

Real-time data visualization helps in tracking and improving employee performance. Every staff member can be aware of their performance, milestones, overtime, and work progress status.

Display performance data and company-wide KPIs using quick, digestible charts and graphs, or integrate your company management system with OptiSigns to display metrics and KPIs in real time.

Celebrate Employees:

Celebrate your employee/operator of the month, birthdays, new employee announcements, and work anniversaries.

OptiSigns also allows you to integrate with your HR system to automate the process and centrally manage all the content for different sites. It also lets local managers override central control to put their own slides, data, and information.

Highlight Safety & Security

Workers often deal with hazardous equipment, and there are risks of slips, trips, and falls. That’s why they need to be aware of the potential threats and safety measures.

Digital signage screens can show COVID-19 Safety protocols, clearance height, directional signs, and more to ensure workplace safety. With OptiSigns you can schedule specific content to play on a particular day or time.

Live Streaming

Show live streams of your events like all-hands meetings, live announcements, quarterly results meetings, and any other on your connected screens to keep all company employees in the loop.

Works with, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, MS Teams, and Zoom.

Optisigns lets you use more than 750 free templates you can customize as you like and we offer more than 120 App integrations to quickly and easily pull useful and relevant content into your screens. You can link to social media apps, weather, Google Slides, YouTube, and more.

Are you using Microsoft Office 365? We’ve got an integration for that, so you can quickly use and push content to your screens from outlook calendar, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and PowerBI.

OptiSigns also works with Google Workplace, so you can use Google Drive, Google Slides, YouTube, Google Calendar, and more.


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